Corporate Gifting Program



Personalization and Branding

From personalizing each gift for the recipient to using your corporate logo and products, we can ensure that each gift you give follows your corporate marketing guidelines. 

We print custom labels, printed ribbon and can have products created with your logo on them such as mugs and glasses. 




Employee Gifting

We love creating the perfect line of gift for your employees including for new hires, birthdays, new baby, sympathy and special projects.  We can event create a baby onesie with your corporate logo on it!

And, if you’re having an event and need favors or gift packs, we can do that too!


VIP and Upscale Gifts

If you’re looking to impress your customers, employees or partners, we can help.  If you’re looking for high end products or an impressive size of a gift basket, we can create the perfect gift.

We even do custom stationary so you can make each recipient feel like a VIP.


Budget Gifts

Want to give gifts but don’t have the budget?  That’s ok.  We have a variety of gifts that are under $50 and still send the right sentiment.

We can help you find the perfect gift so you can still send gifts of gratitude without jeopardizing your budget.